The unusual Boston wah community (12 photos)

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16 May 2024

"We're waiting for the main thing." This is roughly how you can translate the name of the group of elegant characters Waiting For The Toad, freely located in a Boston city park.

I would like to believe that the bronze frogs will not wait for a leader. After all, they look very colorful. And I don’t really want them to jump somewhere.

City Park

Created by a local artist, these whimsical sculptures have their own names and personalities.

The Boston park is home to many monuments, statues and sculptures. Most of them are dedicated to the memory of celebrities and events that shaped the centuries-old history of the city. But there is one series of sculptures dedicated not to people, but to animals engaged in the most ordinary human activities. The peculiar anthropomorphism of the funny compositional group invariably attracts the attention of passers-by.

The frog pond in the park is not a pond, but an ice skating rink. But in the past there was a real pond here. Its name was invented by soldiers who hunted local frogs for food.

Tommy and Angela

In 2002, sculptor David Philipps from nearby Medford, Massachusetts, presented a series of sculptures to the public. These frogs do normal human activities. The author gave each character a name and emphasized the individuality of character and image.

Tommy with a fan

Perhaps the most iconic is Tommy sitting on an ice chest holding a fishing rod with a bucket of worms next to him. Right next to him is Angela, who is leaning her chin on her paw in deep thought, reminiscent of August Rodin’s “The Thinker.”


Worms are interested too


Opposite these two is an area where even more sculptures live. A cordial David in a bow tie is located at the gate, greeting visitors.


Skippy doesn't care much; he prefers a languid nap and relaxing rest.


But Charlie is always on duty. He is a local lifeguard with a life preserver and a whistle.


And Joanne whiles away the time by scuba diving, as befits a respectable frog.

The inhabitants of the Frog Pond not only lift spirits, but also serve as a reminder to people of the importance of unity with nature and peaceful coexistence with its beautiful and amazing creatures.

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