Suburb of Jakarta, which was built right on the roof of the shopping center (7 photos)

27 February 2023

In the capital of Indonesia, there is a sleeping area, which was built on a high-rise building.

The Cosmo Park area in Jakarta looks like a countryside idyll: neat villas, tennis courts, swimming pools and perfect roads. By in the mornings, residents go out on the sidewalks for a run, and in the afternoon children ride here on their bikes. The only difference between this area and most similar in other parts of the world in that Cosmo Park is a quarter in sky. It is located on the roof of a 10-story shopping center.

Villas in Cosmo Park.

Although Jakarta is not among the ten most populous cities of the world, it has long become one of the most populous capitals of the planet. More than ten million people live in the city, and more in the suburbs. more. While many cities are built up with skyscrapers, in which accommodate hundreds or even thousands of apartments, Indonesians are still prefer to live in houses with several floors. Even if these houses will be on the roof of a skyscraper.

View of the Cosmo Park quarter

The 10-storey Thamrin City Mall is located in in the center of Jakarta. It was he who became the field for the construction of the district Cosmo Park. Having your own villa in the heart of the city is a dream many, but you must admit that this is not possible in all cities due to a lack of earth. However, in the capital of Indonesia, everything is quite legal: the area has been approved for construction.

So what is it like to live at the height of a 10-story building? Today's Residents of Cosmo Park admit that this idea seemed wild to them at first. But as soon as they visited this unusual area, they fell in love. It was quiet, calm and safe here. In addition, find seclusion in the very center of the city is not so easy, but the district was able to achieve.

View from the quarter to Jakarta.

So how did they achieve safety and tranquility here? You can get into Cosmo Park only with special passes, this the quarter is driven by cars on a special ramp. All around the area is surrounded by a fence that prevents accidents.

The area is more than ten years old, and in fact it is not the only one: there is still a similar quarter at another shopping center - Mall of Indonesia. It's called The Villas, but Cosmo Park is more popular. In 2019, a villa here could be bought from 200 to 330 thousand rubles. dollars.

The Villas quarter.

These areas are considered by many to be examples of postmodern dystopian, surreal urban bubble. However, others see projects such as The Villas and Cosmo Park are an excellent solution for urban planning. After all, if residents of low-rise buildings in the city center move to rooftops, Jakarta will have more green spaces.

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