A residential complex was built on the roof of a shopping center in Jakarta (5 photos + 2 videos)

7 February 2023

The Indonesian city of Jakarta is home to one of the most unusual residential projects in the world - a complex of townhouses located on rooftop of a 10-story shopping mall. Over the past 20 years, Jakarta has become one of the most populous cities in the world. Land for construction enough, and developers are forced to think outside the box!

The capital of Indonesia is home to 10.5 million people, and suburbs three times as many. The city is quickly running out of land under construction. While other crowded capitals such as Tokyo are expanding vertically, Jakarta is expanding horizontally, and Most residents prefer low-rise buildings to apartments.

With a growing shortage of real estate, developers have been forced to think outside the box, and that is how such urban curiosities like Cosmo Park.

Consisting of 78 two-storey villas, with its own network of paved roads, lots of greenery, a swimming pool and even a tennis court, Cosmo Park looks like a normal suburb.

But zoom out a little and you're in for a big shock. All this splendor is at the top of Thamrin City Mall, a 10-story mall in downtown Jakarta.

Cosmo Park has existed for about 14 years, but few people knew about its existence outside the bustling Indonesian capital until 2019 years, until photos of the residential complex appeared on social networks. The unusual location made people think about the safety of such project.

Some residents of Cosmo Park admitted that they themselves had the idea of living in such The place seemed odd at first. But when they saw him with their own eyes, then just fell in love with peace and quiet, as well as solitude, which it offered. And this despite the center of the noisy capital!

The entire residential area is divided into 5 blocks, from A to F, and is only accessible those who have a Cosmo Tower pass. Residents can enter the complex and leave it on a special ramp, and the whole territory in order to security is surrounded by a high metal fence. The idea of houses roofs is not new, but most often it is some kind of illegal construction. Cosmo Park is a completely different matter. The developers had all the permissions to implementation of the project, and it is actually considered by experts as an example of genius. Back in 2019 at home in this residential complex cost from 3 to 5 billion Indonesian rupiah, but due to inflation and shortage of real estate today, prices may be even higher.

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