Chinese GAC showed cars of the future (26 photos)

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24 April 2024

The European design studio of the automaker GAC presented three unusual concepts for the transport of the future at a design exhibition in Milan. This is the third work of the European design studio GAC in the line. The theme of the latest project was the future of urban mobility. Shown is a small commercial vehicle City Box, a passenger subcompact City Pod and a miniature sports coupe City Run.

The designers made the City Box delivery van three-wheeled, with the front wheel being much wider than the rear ones. Instead of a trunk door, a fabric “backpack” is used, and the partition between the driver’s seat and the cargo compartment is made of lattice. By inserting special hook rods into the holes, you can modify its functionality at the driver’s request. The front part of the body is equipped with a retractable U-shaped panel - in parking lots it turns into a kind of table.

The passenger City Pod has only two seats and an almost completely transparent body. The chairs are formed by a stationary curved panel, which is also part of the load-bearing structure. A removable cylindrical suitcase is built under it, and another one is attached with straps to the front panel.

The City Run sports coupe has no doors at all; you must enter its futuristic interior through a sliding hood. The cabin has a giant display with a projection system and augmented reality functions.

Technical specifications are not provided. However, the designers considered that such vehicles in the future would be as unified as possible: all three prototypes are equipped with a power unit on the rear axle, where an electric motor and control electronics are mounted in one housing. According to the concept creators, such blocks will be made quickly removable, which will significantly simplify both maintenance and replacement. Car Culture 3.0 has no serial prospects, at least in the coming years.

City Box

City Pod

City Run

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