“Don’t try to leave me”: an American woman sent an unfamiliar man 65 thousand SMS messages, and only calmed down after her arrest (3 photos + 1 video)

16 May 2024

A resident of Arizona, after her first date with a man, began writing him 500 messages a day. This continued until he contacted the police.

Jacqueline Ades, 31, of Phoenix, was charged with harassment, threats to kill and trespassing. If there was a competition for annoyingness, Aids' competitors simply wouldn't have a chance.

In 2017, Jacqueline met an American on the website. The couple exchanged greeting messages and agreed to meet. As the woman later explained, when she saw the guy, she immediately fell in love with him, but unrequitedly. An online acquaintance did not like her, and Jacqueline was not invited to a second date.

However, failure did not stop her, and the girl decided to take fate into her own hands. She began to write to the guy, so diligently that his phone did not stop for a minute. At first it was even funny, but soon it became worse than bitter radish. The man, whose name has not been disclosed, says that at times the number of messages per day reached up to 500.

A few months later, events took a completely bad turn. After checking the surveillance camera in his house from his smartphone, the man discovered that his annoying friend had entered the home and was taking a bath. This was the last straw, and the American called the police.

The cops who arrived to respond to the call expelled the uninvited guest, and during a search in her car they found a meat hatchet. That time, the police released Jacqueline on bail, and she went back to her old ways.

After this, her messages to her beloved became more frightening. In one of them she compared herself to Hitler, and in another she revealed sadistic tendencies:

“Mmm, what would I do with your blood... I would like to fill a bathtub and swim in it,” she wrote to the man, apparently hoping that he would melt after such a compliment.

In one of her messages, she stated that her intentions are simple, and no one can change them:

“I’m ready to do anything to get what I want. And don’t even try to leave me later. I’ll kill you for this, and I don’t want to become a killer.”

After Jacqueline went to the victim's work and introduced herself there as his wife, the woman was finally arrested. During interrogation, she explained that she did not intend to kill her loved one - it was a metaphor explaining the power of her love.

The pursuer was refused bail and remained in custody pending trial.

Jacqueline herself does not see guilt in her behavior. Answering a journalist’s question about why she sent the man so many messages, she replied: “It’s love. I love him. I decided that I had met my other half, and I thought that we would do the same thing as other couples - get married, and everything would be wonderful."

In 2019, the woman was declared mentally ill by doctors, and the charges against her were dropped. However, Jacqueline was forbidden to approach the victim of her “love.” In 2024, the story of Jacqueline Eids went viral on the Internet again, and curious users managed to find out that the woman died in February 2024 at the age of 34.

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