Bronze Age petroglyphs found in Kazakhstan (4 photos)

3 May 2024

A group of volunteers discovered Bronze Age rock petroglyphs in Kazakhstan. An important discovery was made by volunteers of the republican environmental action “Clean Kazakhstan” in the Zhambyl region.

A group of volunteers of the environmental action "Clean Kazakhstan" discovered rare rock petroglyphs that date back to the Bronze Age. The drawings were found approximately 3.5 kilometers from the village of Aktogay in the Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan, during the second week of an action dedicated to the improvement of the area around historical and cultural monuments. The height of these ancient drawings reaches two meters, and the length is more than 15-20 meters. Most petroglyphs depict the daily life of people of that time.

According to experts, the petroglyphs were drawn more than 4 thousand years ago. However, archaeologists need time and additional research to determine the exact age of the drawings. Such a find is rare for the Zhambyl region. Similar rock paintings were found in other places in Kazakhstan: for example, in the tracts of Arpaozen, Koibagar, Sauyskandyk, Eshikolmes and Tanbaly-Tas. Rock paintings have also been found in the Karatau Mountains in southern Kazakhstan: according to archaeologists, they appeared in the Middle Ages.

Most often, such petroglyphs depict religious motifs, customs, traditions and rituals of nomadic tribes and local residents of the corresponding era. Images of birds and other animals abound. The themes of the drawings are varied, and each has a specific meaning. For example, the image of a camel symbolizes wealth and strength.

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