30 cutest shots of baby animals that will cheer you up (31 photos)

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3 May 2024

Watching animals is pure joy. And watching their cubs is doubly touching! This is something you can look at endlessly and get a dose of the happiness hormone. Let's take a look at the charming pictures with cubs of different animals that will definitely steal your heart and will definitely lift your spirits.

1. Three handsome men

2. The cutest sleeping duckling

3. What a charmer!

4. Parrot family

5. Fluffy gave his paw

6. Lambs with mother

7. Heart on the forehead

8. Baby Llama

9. Rescued raccoon says hello

10. Little fox, about two months old

11. Chick waiting for parents to bring food

12. Baby donkey

13. "Well, hello"

14. “Necklace” of baby bats

15. Baby sticks out his tongue

16. Sleeping donkeys

17. Weighing baby wombats

18. A cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an Australian Shepherd

19. Baby says hello

20. Three-week-old baby guinea pig

21. The little ones leave their “nest”

22. Mother quokka feeds her baby a leaf

23. What happiness!

24. There can never be too many kittens

25. Charming creature

26. This young tawny owl was found in the middle of a busy road. She was exhausted and was looking for her parents. Kind people helped her and went out

27. A baby who was picked up on the street

28. Baby shrew

29. Mother hugs baby

30. Baby hippo: you won't see anything cuter today

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