Falling Pizan... No, Taiwanese (5 photos)

22 April 2024

Just think, one tower tilted, and the whole world was taking pictures with it. Here in Taiwan, a whole temple is tilting, tilting and cannot fall, which stands at 45 degrees, while the Leaning Tower of Pisa is only 5 degrees.

Who's falling? No one falls, everyone stands EXACTLY

How did the attraction happen?

In 2009, the flat village of Taihe experienced a terrible typhoon, the most severe in the history of the area. It is still considered the deadliest in Taiwan's history.

Due to Typhoon Morakot and constant rainfall, the entire Taiwan was “drowned”; floods led to severe displacements and landslides. The Taihe Zhenxing Palace also crawled, and managed to crawl as much as 100 meters, where the palace stopped at a huge slope of 45 degrees.

Hah, they are holding the tower, but they are PUSHING the temple

Still, great masters lived in ancient times, the Chinese temple did not collapse, did not collapse, and remained standing intact at an angle. At first, the authorities were afraid that it would creep further and collapse, but then everyone was convinced that the temple stood even stronger than it stood before!

If you don’t know the sad, cruel backstory, then the temple gives you a completely magical feeling. After all, it is much steeper inclined than the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. And it has a lot of historical Chinese details in its design - pagodas and colorful dragons! They really saved the temple.

But the staircase here was built anew, fresh and very strong

And although the temple is in a village, away from the tourist routes, every year there are more and more excursions and solo trips to it. Because social networks literally promoted it from scratch, there are so many topics for funny staged photos at an angle! Photos in the style of Michael Jackson dancing are especially popular, and you don’t need to show miracles of acrobatics like the singer.

Remember this iconic dance? Theme for thousands of photos!

And it’s not as hackneyed as supporting a tower with your palm, like in Italy.

They decided not to repair the temple, let it remain an unusual, but still beautiful monument to that great disaster, which every Taiwanese still remembers. After all, this is a story that happened right before their eyes.

This is what the temple looked like before the great landslide

I liked the idea itself, I hope the temple does not decide to crawl somewhere further.

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