In Montana, a female elephant escaped from a circus (4 photos + 2 videos)

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22 April 2024

In one of the cities of Montana, USA, a real show took place when a circus elephant broke out of her pen and rushed along a busy street. The huge animal walked quite quickly along Harrison Avenue in Butte, not paying attention to the line of cars.

The elephant passed the casino building and walked towards a residential area, and her trainer followed her.

The artist came to the city with the Jordan World circus. Show organizer Bill Melvin said Viola ran away while swimming. She was frightened by the sharp sound of the car.

She took off running, but soon stopped to eat grass in a neighbor's yard. The chase lasted about 10 minutes.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the 58-year-old elephant returned to her circus family.

"They have a professional trainer and he was very calm and the animal was calm so they were able to get her back. It wasn't as dramatic as you think," Melvin added.

The Jordan World troupe held their 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm shows without any problems.

However, animal rights organizations PETA and PAWS said that this is not the first time Viola has tried to escape to freedom.

"Viola's desperate escape followed decades of abuse and slavery at the Carson & Barnes Circus, where she was forced to perform grueling, painful stunts and was punished with electric shocks and ancus beatings," PETA said in a statement.

Animal activists also recalled that the Carson & Barnes circus, which supplied elephants to Jordan World, was accused of more than 100 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.

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