China has banned school homework after 9 pm (4 photos)

22 April 2024

China is still trying to regulate child rearing by decree. We have already banned children from accessing Internet games in the evening and limited their time on gadgets. And now at least one law at the local level has been passed FOR the child, and not to take something away from him.

In China there are quite a few children per class, especially in provincial schools. It's stuffy

Students in China's Guangxi province are now prohibited from doing homework after 9:30 p.m. Moreover, if they haven’t done their homework, teachers are strictly forbidden to punish them.

Imbalance of study and life in China

Since 2021, China has been constantly trying to improve the balance between school and life of Chinese children, because they study there with all their lessons right up to 6 pm.

Therefore, sleeping for twenty minutes between lessons is not a nice tradition of self-care, but a real necessity, because small children do not yet endure this all day.

It's tough!! neither give nor take they are all Buddhist monks there

And now in Guanxi they are conducting an experiment - what will happen if they ease the pressure on children and legally allocate time for rest, during which it is NOT possible to read textbooks. It's really funny that you can't do homework from 9:30 pm considering how early children in China get up for school.

It turns out that this is just bedtime, so that the children sleep not for five hours, but for the full eight hours. In general, schoolchildren in China and South Korea cannot be envied; they have one of the most dense and boring educational programs, geared towards cramming and passing tests.

The nurse will teach the children to do exercises for their voices so that they don’t get sick from studying. Again, estimate HOW MANY children there are here.

But what should we do?!

Parents of primary school children are not happy, because their children need to do well in their secondary school exams. And here they are forced to sleep instead of studying.

It's all about the enormous social competition in China; for every place in a good university there is almost a thousand people competing. That’s why there are so many Chinese students in other countries; studying abroad is not only cheaper, but at least feasible.

The Chinese Internet is full of camera footage of mothers freaking out and screaming while doing homework with children who cannot quickly solve a problem. Well, it's just a classic

China does not need many people with higher education, so it is in no hurry to uncontrollably increase the number of universities. Not everyone with an education will get into the elite, but parents begin the race for their children from elementary school so that they definitely get into this narrow bottleneck of selection.

The parents agreed that it was simply the school shifting the job of scolding children for not having time to do their homework from the teachers to the children. Because the children will now be chased: “Did you finish your homework before nine o’clock”?

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20 May 2024
А потім з'являються великі китайські вчені... Мда...
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