What pets look like before and after turning on the “curious Barbara” mode (14 photos)

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18 April 2024

Look at what poses cats and dogs are ready to take just to satisfy their desire.

Our beloved pets never cease to amaze us with their funny habits and habits. Life with them will never be boring, because they will find something to inadvertently amuse their owners. TikTok users agree with this and have started a new trend, “I’m not nosey.” In it, they share photographs of their pets in their normal state and those caught eavesdropping and spying on them, which proves exactly the opposite - animals are very curious, and this often takes funny forms.

Spy cat

A thousand and one proofs that she is not at all curious.

Mister Bunny Banks in all his glory

That's it, butt!

The Grinch looks into the distance

In this pose he looks like a stooped old man.

What could he see there?

What do you think they are doing while the owner is not looking?

Honestly, I have no idea how she even gets there. This is madness.

We're not curious at all

Three from the casket. You won't get bored with these!

This cat certainly can't be curious, though...

She will poke her nose into everything.

And, apparently, she looks at everyone condemningly, because she found out about all the skeletons.

Find the dog on the right

She wanted to get to the bottom of it so much

We? Curious? Never!

When young neighbors start arguing right in the yard, and you and your significant other cannot contain your curiosity and eavesdrop.

An interesting position to watch...

What else is a cat's flexibility for?

Cat Latte is ready to do anything to stay up to date with the latest events.

This is too funny!

Nothing should interfere with the view.

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