In Australia, a runaway horse arrived at a railway station

17 April 2024

The horse ran away from its owner and went about its business. During the trip, she visited the platform of the Sydney railway station. It looked like the animal was going somewhere, but was not allowed on the train.

This racehorse ran away from its owner and arrived at Warwick Farm railway station (Sydney, Australia).

The animal, sporting a beige blanket, surprised and a little scared the other passengers. The horse ran back and forth along the platform, and when the train arrived, it became very interested in the vehicle, which it seemed it would not mind riding. But nothing worked out. The driver, warned about the unusual incident, simply did not open the door.

Soon the owner of the fugitive was found, who hurried to the station and managed to call the pet to order, after which he took her home. No complaints were made regarding the presence of the horse at the station. All eyewitnesses admitted that the animal was not dangerous and was simply “playing the fool.”

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