Lampo: the dog who became famous thanks to his love of travel (7 photos)

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23 May 2023

It is believed that cats are attached to the house, the usual place. A dogs - to the owner. But this dog proved that from every rule it is possible exceptions. And what else.

In the summer of 1953, a stray dog of unknown breed got off freight train, choosing a railway station as a haven small Italian town of Campiglia Marittima.

Stationmaster Elvio Barlettani looked at unusual passenger. Although the dog was clearly a draw, it did not look unhappy. Elvio, although it was forbidden by the rules, left an unexpected guest at the station - he turned out to be painfully handsome. And with from this moment the history of Lampo began (this nickname Barlettani gave Adopted) - the story of the Great Journey.

It turned out that Lampo can not imagine life without travel and adventure. He boarded the train every day, moreover, a passenger one, carefully made his way into the car and hid under one of the seats, so that workers were not found and expelled.

Amazingly, the dog managed not only to learn the train schedule, but learned to distinguish the ambulances from the ordinary ones. On the Sunset the tailed passenger invariably returned back to the station.

The trickster traveled in this way for 8 whole years, having committed for this time is about 3 thousand trips. And the dog is great oriented in time. And only once the feeling failed Lampo, and he missed the train.

But the dog was not an egoist who devoted his life exclusively to to your entertainment. He often accompanied the stationmaster's daughter Virna to school, and then met after class. And he went home with the girl.

Of course, in such a busy life, it was not without problems. Once the stowaway was discovered by the controller, he got very angry and ordered permanently remove the animal from view. Railway workers loaded the poor fellow into a southbound train. And then they threw it away almost in the open field. Only a week later the wanderer returned to station - exhausted, wounded, thinner, but alive. Lampo overcame distance of about 300 kilometers and found the way back.

To avoid further showdowns with the administration of the railway road, Barlettani asked to shelter his friend's dog - head of another station. But the stubborn Lampo returned six months later. The story of the dog received wide publicity, the traveler was written about in newspapers, on television there were stories about Lampo. We decided to leave the dog peace, and she became the official mascot of the station in Campiglia Marittima.

In the summer of 1961, an unusual dog died. His death is quite corresponded to the symbol of the railway: Lampo knocked down a passing train. The dog was buried at the station and soon a monument was erected in his honor. Elvio wrote a book about his unusual friend, Lampo the Wandering Dog. And for the inhabitants of the town, the image turned into a symbol. They gladly tell a story to tourists, and images of a travel enthusiast dogs adorn many of the buildings in Campiglia Marittima.

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