The cat hugged everyone he met in the hope that he would be saved (11 photos)

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16 April 2024

One day, a resident of New York (USA) met a stray cat who was wandering the streets in search of food. The guy began to feed the animal and look after it, but soon cold weather set in and the tail had to look for shelter.

The American contacted Lollypop Farm and asked them to adopt the cat. “The cat was too friendly and socialized to be a street cat,” the volunteers said. He probably used to be a pet, but his owners abandoned him.

The cat - he was named Lena - was very affectionate and gentle with people from the first days. He clung to them, rubbed his face, hugged every employee and volunteer he met. While communicating with people, he purred, chirped and blinked slowly - he showed his affection and love for them.

One day, a Lollypop Farm employee brought his son to work. Lenu hurried to get to know him - and soon he was lying on the child’s lap and hugging him. The shelter shared a sweet photo of the cat and boy on social media. This is how his future family found out about Lena.

A couple of local residents came across a post about Lena - and could no longer forget the cat. That same day she came to Lollypop Farm to meet the animal. It was love at first sight.

The cat has already moved into his new family and fits perfectly into their lives. “This is our boy,” the owner says to Len. “We adore his gentle nature and enjoy every hug he gives us.”

Lenu did not give up his habit of hugging people even after being rescued. He gives a piece of his love to everyone who comes to visit the family: “He gets along well with the family, our friends and loves to be the center of attention. We couldn't ask for a better pet for us."

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