Pontevedra: a Spanish city where cars are banned (4 photos)

28 May 2024

Spain has long been one of the leading places on the list of must-visit countries. However, in addition to the famous tourist attractions and cities, there are also lesser known places that are worth visiting. One of them is the town of Pontevedra.

A city without cars

Most cities around the world were built for pedestrians. But advances in technology have made them more vehicle-friendly than people-friendly. Today, sidewalks are becoming narrower, and it seems that cities and towns were created so that cars could move on them. The ancient city of Pontevedra, located in northwestern Spain, calls for quite the opposite: this old town is pedestrian. True, only in its center, but the idea is still impressive.

Historic streets of Pontevedra

Some legends about Pontevedra suggest that the city was founded by the Trojan hero Teucron. But it is difficult to say whether these legends are true or fiction. Some historians claim that Pontevedra was part of an early Roman road. The Roman name for Pontevedra was Ad Duos Pontes, indicating that it was a city of bridges. Since then, Pontevedra has had its ups and downs. However, in its modern state, this city is famous for the fact that it has become completely pedestrian: in 1999, the place became car-free.

The city has a well-preserved medieval old town. Important places are easily accessible because visitors are not distracted by traffic.

Pontevedra center

Main attractions

The Pilgrim Virgin Chapel is a beautiful building built in 1792. The architecture of the church is a mixture of Baroque and Neoclassicism. Visitors can climb the stairs and onto the dome, where they can enjoy impressive views of the city.

For fans of history and art, the Sexto Edificio Museum offers collections of Spanish and Galician art, as well as works from the Roman era, the Middle Ages and the 20th century. Visitors can observe many archaeological finds and artistic works, including paintings, sculptures, coins and jewelry.

Pedestrian city

In addition to historical, cultural and religious attractions, the city has many shops, restaurants and cafes that display an authentic flavor. Pontevedra is not to be missed if you find yourself in this area of Spain.

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