17 tailed animals that found a home and changed beyond recognition (18 photos)

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13 April 2024

The world may not be perfect, but there are people among us who open their hearts and their homes to animals in need. And what every good boy and girl needs for happiness is a home for life and owners who will sincerely love. In this post you will see photographs of sad tailed animals that turn into the darling of fate.

1. My foster dog is two months old.

2. We couldn’t pass by, he’s very grateful to us

3. The baby has grown up, he is now comfortable and warm

4. The unfortunate and sick person turned into a real handsome man

5. How they have become prettier in just one year

6. Ryzhik was sad and unsociable. Now he plays all the time

7. Yesterday Lupa had a good day, that’s what a difference a year makes in a good house

8. He was almost blind and needed long-term treatment

9. Our foster puppy was found sick and was thrown away by the breeders. And now he's sleeping peacefully on our bed.

10. Incredible transformation

11. The wife saved Lucy from illness and the street

12. He was found thrown out in a garbage bag on the side of the highway. Now he is a very happy boy

13. It’s nice and warm at home

14. A month ago we adopted this cutie from the shelter, look how happy she is

15. From an abused, skinny, near-death puppy, he turned into a happy dog.

16. Warmed and fed

17. We adopted this sweet girl from the shelter

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