A 25-year-old American woman “married” a Halloween doll and is now expecting a child (7 photos)

11 April 2024

25-year-old Felicity Kadlec from Massachusetts admitted that she "married" a male doll, and claims that she is now in a polyamorous relationship with the toy, as well as the zombie doll, with whom she "tied the knot" for six more years ago.

The girl married her inanimate beau Robert, who she said is 26, in a private ceremony at her home after eight years of marriage.

Felicity's first love

Previously, Felicity tied the knot with a zombie doll named Kelly Rossi, who she claims is 16 years older than her, and the trio are now in a polyamorous relationship.

Felicity's favorite dolls

Felicity said she first discovered the dolls on a Halloween decoration website called Creepy Collection, where she purchased them for a total of $1,000.

Passionate kiss with your beloved

She identifies as objectum sexual, which means she is sexually and romantically attracted to certain inanimate objects.

Big friendly family

Together they raise a large family of 10 “common children,” including zombie dolls Rachel, Luna, Billy, Holly, Victor, Marty, Finny, Gremley, Robbie and Molly.

Waiting for a new addition to the family

The trio is soon expecting another child - a zombie doll named Peter.

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