14 works by a master who knows how to turn photos into real jokes (15 photos)

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11 April 2024

Photoshop in the hands of a skilled person turns into a tool that can perform real miracles. They can do not only useful, but also very funny things. For example, London-based graphic designer James Friedman loves to cheer up his subscribers in his free time by turning their pictures into funny creations.

Many photos edited by Friedman became real hits on the Internet, gaining thousands of likes and positive comments. How can one not praise the creator if his content really brings joy to people?

I look handsome in this photo. I would like to publish it, but I broke up with my girlfriend. Could you delete it?

Of course, handsome!

I love this photo of my girlfriend, but I'm embarrassed to send it to my family. Can you make the picture more decent?

James's subscribers themselves send him photos that they want to fix, in private messages or attach them in comments to posts. If the photo turns out to be suitable, Friedman will happily take on editing it. However, the subscriber's wish can be fulfilled with some fun and funny nuances. This is why fans adore James!

Could you somehow remove this staircase from the photo?

Always happy to help!

Hello! Can you somehow make the eyes of my friend who is sitting in the center less crazy?

But now the picture looks as harmonious as possible!

Hey James, my friend is a little short. Can you somehow level us out?

I helped in any way I could!

Can you make something interesting out of this?

I would be incredibly happy if you would make sure that my fiance doesn’t squint in the photo

Sudden change!

I never considered myself pretty. But in this photo I really like myself. Could you please remove the man who is standing behind me?

What kind of man? You look amazing!

I will be glad if you can remove all the unnecessary things that are behind me

Can you make the water flow straight into my mouth? I will be very, very grateful

I took a selfie and was going to send it to my parents, but this guy got into the frame and ruined everything. Can you help me?

This should work!

In this photo my boyfriend has a giant hand. Could you reduce it?

Sometimes radical methods are needed to solve a problem.

In this photo my wife looks much better than me. Could you somehow make us match each other?

Unfortunately, James has been spending very little time on his Photoshop project lately. However, fans of his work are still looking forward to new works. We can only hope that soon the Photoshop artist will actively delight us with fresh masterpieces.

I really like this photo, but could you please remove the cleaning lady? I don't like orange color

James decided to demonstrate clearly and in a funny way the possible consequences of such a decision.

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