Elon Musk decided to send a million people to Mars and make it “self-sufficient” (5 photos + 2 videos)

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9 April 2024

According to the billionaire, if the idea of interplanetary flights succeeds, then civilization will last for millions of years. If not, then we only have a few centuries left.

Elon Musk has been saying for a long time that we need to fly to Mars. By the way, he wants to go there himself. Either he knows something, or he’s just tired of treading water on Earth. So one of the richest people in the world looks at the starry sky and talks about how he will colonize the red planet.

Civilization needs to maintain its current technological level until Mars becomes self-sufficient, which can be done in about 20 years.

If we become interplanetary and then interstellar, our civilization will last for millions of years.

If not, then perhaps only a few hundred years.

Musk is not going to wait for the decline of humanity and is rushing into space. For starters, he will build a space base on the Moon, Moonbase Alpha. Then he will go to Mars, where the billionaire wants to send a million people. And hundreds of millions of tons of cargo. This will require a lot of Starship 3 rockets and several Mechazillas - towers for spaceships.

And next year Musk promised to show a space refueling system. One flight to the red planet will require 5-6 such procedures.

Here's a plan for space travel:

And drawn colonies on Mars and the Moon:

Musk did not specify how much money this will require.

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