Slept and drank: the oldest man on earth died at the age of 114 (5 photos)

4 April 2024

Venezuelan resident Juan Vicente Perez Mora did not live to see his 115th birthday for a couple of months.

Juan Vicente Perez Mora died on April 2 on his farm, in his home. The man was born at the beginning of the last century on May 27, 1909. Juan was the youngest child in the family, there were eight of them in total. When the youngest was 5 years old, the family was left without a home and money, so they went to the south of Venezuela in search of cheap land for housing and a garden. Fortune smiled on the family in the foothills of the Andes. The family always lived on that farm, and after that Juan lived on that farm.

Little Juan studied in a rural school where there was only one teacher. The boy was thirsty for knowledge and was very capable, but the school could not give him the necessary education. The teacher fell ill and before his death he gave his textbook to 8-year-old Juan. It was thanks to this textbook that he learned to read, write and gained basic knowledge.

Throughout his youth, the man worked on a farm and grew cane. He worked equally with his brothers and sisters, and was not at all particularly healthy or stamina. Juan was an ordinary honest and hard-working guy. At the age of 39, a respectable Venezuelan was invited to a neighboring state to work as a bailiff.

For 10 years, Juan worked as a bailiff, seizing property and seizing accounts. However, the conscientious man did not like the work and left, returning to his native farm - growing cane. By that time, his parents had died, and only a few brothers and sisters remained from his relatives.

Juan came to the farm not alone, but with his wife. In the city, the guy met Ediofina del Rosario Garcia, whom he married a few months later. Juan and Edofina had 6 sons and 5 daughters, and after that 41 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren. The heroine's mother died at the age of 82.

Juan's entire life was spent on his farm. He was born there, lived 114 years and died. Left alone, Juan ate well, prayed, and went to bed early. The Venezuelan himself attributed his longevity to “constant work, proper rest and daily drinking of a glass of brandy.” The oldest man in the world has died due to complications from a cold. The death of the centenarian, whom friends and neighbors simply called Uncle Vicente, was announced by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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