Chinese bloggers were arrested for lying about the difficult life of peasants (2 photos + 2 videos)

2 April 2024

You can endlessly look at three things: how the fire burns, how the water flows and how others work. Or they pretend to work.

Three Chinese women came up with a scheme that is as reliable as a Swiss watch. They created a legend according to which the girls allegedly lost their parents early and were forced to live in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, earning their living through hard peasant labor. Since 2018, they have been running a channel and broadcasts of “hard labor.” And looking at their tortured faces, you really feel compassion for them. After all, if you believe the legend, the family lives in a dilapidated adobe house, wears torn clothes and looks exhausted by hard work.

They quickly gained popularity in the Chinese segment of the Internet and acquired several million subscribers. Well, when you have an army of fans behind you, you can make money, and decent money at that.

The girls called for supporting local producers and purchasing their goods, and they themselves did a good job of promoting “environmentally friendly products grown with hard work.” But the products did not meet the expectations of buyers, and they were not always grown in China. And the working women themselves began to be noticed more and more often in expensive restaurants and in branded items. Well, curious fans scoured the area and found out that the girls’ parents were alive and well, the house was in perfect order, and all this was pure profanity.


In short, after further complaints from customers, law enforcement agencies became interested in the bloggers and a remarkable scheme was discovered.

Under the guise of hard-working girls there was an entire agency hiding, which successfully sold defective goods to the gullible population. To set the scene, they found an abandoned farm and simply filmed commercials there under the guise of an unhappy family. They managed to sell as much as 10 million yuan.

The bloggers themselves, the head of the office selling illiquid goods, and 5 other accomplices were sentenced to prison terms of up to 2 years and hefty fines. Now they will tell their cellmates about the severity of peasant labor.

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