Extremely powerful radars on the head of a beetle. What information does this insect collect? (4 photos)

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2 April 2024

A real stalker should always walk with a radar on his head. This fantail beetle is a real stalker. Just look at these antennas!

In fact, he eavesdrops on truck drivers' conversations on the radio.

Only males have such an impressive device. Guys use their radar exclusively to pick up pheromone scents from girls. They climb onto a branch, unfurl their setup, and sit and analyze the invisible network of smells. It turns out that insects came up with something like a dating site!

Swipe left, swipe right.

After choosing a candidate, the beetle flies to its dream. However, it often turns out that several other men are already dancing around the female. And then the usual and stupid fight for a woman begins. No fancy technology for you! The winner will have offspring.

The females look very modest and they do not have any radars.

However, no one has ever seen baby fantail beetles. It is believed that the larvae either live underground or parasitize other insects. The beetle itself lives in Australia, which means you can expect anything!

Man, stop trying to catch secret secret service negotiations through me!!!

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