A dog with its head stuck in a wheel had to be rescued using a plasma cutter

1 April 2024

A Labrador dog named Daisy is curious - apparently, it was this that made her stick her head into the hole of a car's spare tire.

Firefighters from Frankinville (New Jersey, USA) rushed to the rescue of an animal whose head was stuck, and the rescue operation was not the easiest. At first they tried to free Daisy by smearing her head and neck with soapy water. Then the oil came into play. But alas, the captive did not want to slip out of the wheel.

Then Lt. Brandon Volpe remembered that there was a plasma cutter in his garage. So Daisy was put in the car and driven to Brandon's place. At this point, however, the dog panicked, so they had to throw a fire blanket over it. But the torment was left behind, because the wheel was successfully cut off, and after five minutes the dog was free.

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