If a friend suddenly turns up: sensitive Daisy helped rescue her tailed friend from the mine (6 photos)

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20 November 2023

A real detective story with an unexpected ending unfolded before the eyes of Cornwall resident Michelle Rose. Two very important beings took part in it.

On October 20, Mowgli, the woman’s cat, disappeared. Michelle searched and called for her pet for several days. But to no avail. She almost came to terms with the loss and went for a walk with her dog Daisy - she decided to unwind a little in the nearby forest.

Smart Daisy

The usually balanced and calm Daisy began to get nervous, running around the trees barking loudly. And then she rushed along a barely noticeable path towards an abandoned mine, where shale was mined many years ago. There the dog stopped and began to bark loudly, turning to the owner. She realized that Mowgli was missing somewhere at the bottom.

The British woman did not dare to take any measures and called the fire and rescue service. The specialists promised to arrive by morning, since it was pointless and dangerous to carry out any work in complete darkness at a depth of about 30 meters.

Preparing for a rescue operation

All this time the dog refused to leave his post. In the morning, rescuers arrived at the Prince of Wales quarry. It took them several hours to prepare and work. Which ended with the successful extraction of the lost thing from the depths of the quarry.

Cat rescue

Mowgli became weak and thin, but overall he was healthy, relatively alert and, most importantly, alive. Amazed, Rose called her favorite a superstar and an amazing dog. After all, the pet showed not only instincts, but also enviable persistence to convince her owner to follow her, look into the mine and wait for help.

Baloo welcomes the returning Mowgli

Michelle told the BBC that when kittens Mowgli and Baloo arrived at the house last year, Daisy was already a year old. And she took patronage over the kids, and since then has not been separated from her friends for a minute. The cats respond to their friend with sincere love. And now Mowgli also owes Daisy his life.

Daisy and Mowgli

“They live like a cat and a dog.” This expression is not always true. After all, if people cared and worried about each other the way Daisy cares about her cat friends, then there would be much fewer problems in the world.

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