The cows swam in the sea before going to the pasture

1 April 2024

The farmer brought his cows to the island for grazing. The man captured how the animals happily jump from the boat into the water and swim to the island.

Of course, cows can swim, but somehow they don’t seem like such floating animals.

However, many viewers have changed their minds about the buoyancy of cows after they watched a video filmed in County Mayo (Ireland). Farmer Michael Lovell took his animals to the island of Inishkea for grazing, and he didn’t even need to moor close to the shore. The animals eagerly lined up and jumped into the water to swim to the pasture.

The farmer added that he used the traditional method of delivering livestock to the island - this is what his ancestors did many years ago. At the same time, the cows didn’t even need any special encouragement. They already knew what to do and how to do it. And why not organize a swim, if possible?

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