Incredible transformation of an abandoned dog (10 photos + 1 video)

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30 March 2024

An abandoned Spanish mastiff lived on the street for a long time, collecting scraps. The dirty, emaciated, shabby dog had already forgotten what love was - but hope still glimmered in his soul.

The problem of stray dogs in Spain is extremely serious. Thousands of stray dogs live in hunger and fear, and local organizations do not have time to take care of them all. Among them was a Spanish mastiff dog named Orlando. The poor guy lived on the streets for a long time, collecting scraps, and looked extremely sad. The battered, frightened, weak and emaciated dog still did not lose hope in his eyes. And one day a miracle happened.

Orlando was noticed by employees of a local shelter, Spanish Happy Tails, which is looking for homes for Spanish stray dogs in the UK. At the shelter, the dog quickly blossomed. Regular food, shelter and constant care healed all of Orlando's wounds. He became playful, began to wag his tail more often, and he developed a will to live. But he still needed a warm home and owners who would love him unconditionally. The shelter did everything to make this happen as quickly as possible.

There were such people too. A family was found for Orlando in the UK, and he became his owners’ favorite pet. Today he lives in luxury compared to what he experienced before. He is fully thriving, starting to gain weight, enjoying walks with his loving family, cuddling on the couch with them, playing with other dogs, and just enjoying being a dog! He is a full-fledged member of the family, in whom the soul is cherished. Thanks to the kind people for saving this boy!

"Orlando feels great, he has already settled in and enjoys playing with his family and new friends. He loves to cuddle with his owner for a long time, and his family just adores him. Also, sometimes he can be cunning and open the doors to the bedroom to jump on bed. We are incredibly happy for Orlando and proud to play a role in helping these dogs find new homes for them. Seeing them surrounded by love and living full lives in safety is an incredible experience," the shelter staff wrote.

This is how Orlando lives now:

This is what he looked like when he ended up at the shelter:

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