Artifacts of the past for all history and archeology lovers (31 photos)

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28 March 2024

Don't pass by, failed Indiana Joneses, who from early childhood dreamed of studying the pyramids, digging up ancient tombs and finding Atlantis: a real gift awaits you. The Archeologist is an educational project dedicated to news and facts from the world of archaeology, including photographs and history of incredible artifacts, architecture and landmarks from around the world.

1. Magnificent handcrafted door lock made by Frank Koralewski in 1911 using gold, silver and bronze

2. How the inhabitants of the Arctic Circle protected their eyes from snow blindness for more than 4,000 years

3. Dabus Giraffes - Located in the Air Mountains, Niger, two of the largest animal petroglyphs in the world, dating back to 8000 BC

4. 700-year-old house in Iran

5. Shoes invented in the 1920s by a cattle thief nicknamed "Mad Tex Hazel" to hide his tracks while stealing cows.

6. Chinese bronze sword with inlaid turquoise and gold rock crystal hilt. Warring States period, 4th-2nd centuries BC

7. Neo-Assyrian amethyst vase, circa 8th century BC, private collection

8. Basilica Cistern, ancient underground reservoir of Constantinople

9. Temple-theater complex, discovered only in the early 2000s at Monte San Nicola, in Pietravairano, province of Caserta, Italy

10. Football match at the 2000-year-old Roman arena in Pula, Croatia

11. Chain carved from a single stone at the Gaurishwara Temple in Yelandur, India. The temple was built in the 16th century.

12. “The Man of Tollund” is a 2,400-year-old body discovered in a peat bog in Tollund, Denmark. The man lived during the pre-Roman Iron Age and was sacrificed.

The body was so well preserved that even 2,400 years later, scientists were able to take fingerprints from it and determine what it had last eaten.

13. 3,270-year-old amber cup discovered in a large round mound excavated in 1856 in Hove, England

14. Golden mask of Tutankhamun, rear view

15. Jade burial suit, Han Dynasty, 202 BC.

16. Coca Castle - a castle located in the municipality of Coca, central Spain

17. Bronze Phrygian winged helmet, dating from the 4th century BC. Recently sold at auction for £160,000

18. An approximately 3,300-year-old hairstyle preserved on the head of a resident of Ancient Egypt

19. Trier Gold Hoard: 2,516 gold coins, 1,800 years old, found in 1993 at a construction site in Trier, Germany

20. Armor of an officer of the imperial palace guard, China, 18th century

21. An abandoned tree house that belonged to the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea

22. 4th century BC gold ring found in the tomb of a Thracian king in Yambol, Bulgaria

23. Basement of the Colosseum, Rome

24. Sculptures in an abandoned abbey in England

25. Hoard of 5,248 Anglo-Saxon silver coins discovered by metal detector near Lenborough, Buckinghamshire

26. The oldest artificial eye in the world

More than 4,800 years ago, a woman with a prosthetic eye was buried in the Burnt City (Shahi Sukhta) in Sistan (Iran). It is a hemisphere of lightweight material (obtained from bitumen paste), coated with gold with slits simulating a pupil. The sphere had two small holes to hold the prosthesis on a cord (like a pirate's headband). The owner wore it during the day to hide the empty eye socket, and at night she kept it in a leather bag, also found in the tomb.

27. Mosaic with Icarus and Daedalus at Zeugma, Roman period, Gaziantep Museum, Turkey

28. A huge Roman aqueduct built in Segovia, Spain, by the Roman Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD)

29. Excavations in Pompeii

30. Shoes with a bird, discovered in Haarlem, Holland, and dated to 1300-1350 AD. Archaeological Museum Haarlem, Netherlands

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