From the water park to the locomotive cemetery: 14 places abandoned by man (15 photos)

1 December 2023

Amazing places from all over the world that were left by man.

People have mixed feelings about the places they left behind. Perhaps this is the reason why films and TV series about life after the apocalypse are so popular. Watching how nature takes its toll and reclaiming territory, watching how grandiose buildings of the past slowly fall into disrepair - there is something special about all of this. You can watch this not only on the screen, but also in reality, because the planet is full of places left by man.

Old hotel on the shores of an Italian lake

The cruise ship World Discoverer, which ran aground in 2000 off the Solomon Islands

The abandoned Dunalistair estate in Scotland

Village in the Swiss canton of Ticino

A water park in Vietnam abandoned by people

Abandoned theater

Portugal's long-vacant building is still magnificent

Library in a Victorian mansion

Abandoned old steam locomotive in the Perm region

Stairs to the lighthouse

Lennox Castle in Scotland, which was once a mental hospital

Antwerp Stock Exchange, where trade has been carried out since the Middle Ages: the building was restored in 2019

Abandoned castle of the Czech aristocratic family Lobkowitz

Ship Graveyard

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