I give up and laugh: cats who are plotting (23 photos)

Category: Animals, PEGI 0+
2 March 2024

Surrendering to the mercy of the winner is the right of any self-respecting or simply tired cat.

But the cunning thing about seals is that the gesture of surrender for them only means a short respite before regrouping and again attacking the curtain, mop or owner’s leg. Don't trust the furry ones, they are cunning. In the meantime, you don’t believe me, you can take similar photos.

1. I admit that it was not the mice who ate the cutlets, but me!

2. I confess everything and I surrender to you.

3. You will have to forgive

4. Humility and courage

5. Cute Interloper

6. Dreams of surrender

7. I can't fight you

8. You can’t scare like that!

9. Just no more vile water

10. Acting lessons

11. I will fight

12. Possible draw

13. I'm running to give up

14. I listen and obey

15. I’ll even give you mice

16. In the halo of holiness

17. Tired wanderer

18. To be continued

19. Shouts of joy

20. Forgive me for everything and take me in your arms

21. I'm about to give up

22. Let's make peace

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