The production process of the incredibly beautiful retro coupe RML Short Wheelbase (40 photos)

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3 April 2023

The British RML Group showed photos of the new Short Wheelbase retrocoupe in various stages of assembly. In production there are three cars and each of them already has an owner. RML price The Short Wheelbase starts at $1,600,000.

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Short Wheelbase is an acronym for SWB, which Ferrari used to designate one of the versions famous coupe 250 GT. Under the guise of a cult model from Maranello the middle of the last century and stylized British sports cars.

The black blank is the chassis plus the already assembled carbon body. The panels weigh only 42.5 kilograms, and they are assembled with with a tolerance of no more than 1 mm. The white car is already prepared for painting: it is covered several times with a primer and a layer of special paint, which should give depth to the finish color. Body work bright blue car has already been completed: it is waiting for the installation of wiring, soundproofing and interior components.

The finished coupe is a pre-production prototype that RML put together over a year ago. It was used for demonstration purposes. Commodity machines will be made only 30 pieces, each will be spent on manual assembly about 9 months.

The design of the RML Short Wheelbase implies an active using units from the Ferrari 550 Maranello, but a retro coupe much more compact - in accordance with the name of its wheelbase is only 2.2 meters. Under the hood of a sports car is a 5.5-liter V12, which develops 485 hp. and 568 Nm in combination with a six-speed mechanics. Up to 100 km/ h, such a restomod will accelerate in about 4 seconds at a maximum speed of about 300 km/h.

One of the most famous projects in which I participated RML Group, is considered a crossover Nissan Juke-R. Only five were built such cars, and the 3.8-liter V6 from Nissan GT-R.

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