The melted clock from Hiroshima has found a new owner (4 photos)

29 February 2024

The wristwatch stopped at the moment the atomic bomb exploded over a Japanese city - at 08:15 on the morning of August 6, 1945. Last Thursday, the lot was sold at auction in Boston for $31,113.

According to representatives of the auction house RR Auction, the artifact that survived the explosion is a rare specimen.

Despite the clouding of the glass, the clock hands stopped at 08:15 am - the moment when the B-29 Enola Gay dropped the atomic bomb "Baby".

The watch was found by a British soldier during a humanitarian mission to deliver emergency supplies and assess the damage.

“We hope that this museum-worthy piece will serve as a powerful reminder not only of the horrors of war, but also of the destructive possibilities that humanity must avoid,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auction. “This watch captures that very moment.” when history changed forever."

The buyer of the watch chose to remain anonymous.

Among the lots was a copy of the "Little Red Book" signed by Chinese leader Mao Zedong, which sold for $250,000. A signed George Washington check fetched $135,473, while Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 Lunar Module Preparation Checklist fetched $76,533.

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