Fluffy music lovers (23 photos)

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29 February 2024

Have you heard how cats sing? Surely, because the melody of kitty songs is very accessible and varied.

Cats could easily accompany themselves and are even trying to do so. Of course, in cases where suitable tools are freely available. Do they succeed or not? Is this so important if you want to take luxurious photos of tailed music lovers?

1. Fur duo

2. Future maestro

3. Muse, come

4. Melodies of autumn

5. World masterpiece

6. Inspire and be inspired

7. Flying gait

8. Focus on what matters most

9. Waiting for inspiration

10. Melody light

11. Future stars

12. Tell me, violin, about your dreams and hopes

13. Young flutist

14. In its place

15. Helper

16. At the origins of music

17. The first guy in the village

18. Let's rock it already

19. Feel the soul of music

20. After the concert

21. Difficult, but possible

22. Flower song

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