Ryan Gosling's reaction to the song's victory became a meme (4 photos + 4 videos)

16 January 2024

The song “I’m Just Ken” from the movie “Barbie,” in which Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling played one of the main roles, won at the Critics Choice Awards. Gosling, apparently, did not expect the song he performed to win. His surprised face immediately went viral online

Ryan Gosling's reaction to winning "I'm Just Ken" at the Critics Choice Awards has become a meme. In the video, the actor who plays Ken in “Barbie” looks around so bewildered that it resembles the handshake meme from the TV series “The Office.”

The annual Critics Choice Awards took place in Santa Monica. Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" was recognized as the best film, but in the "Best Song" category the victory went to the song "I'm Just Ken", performed by actor Ryan Gosling in the film "Barbie".

Barbie Music Video - Just Ken (2023)


It seems that I’m Just Ken’s victory came as a surprise to Ryan Gosling himself. In the video, the actor at first does not understand what happened and looks around in bewilderment. Gosling's reaction amused the audience, and the video quickly went viral on social networks.

Ryan Gosling's reaction was so expressive that people started making memes about the actor's unexpected success. It seems that the screenshot of the actor has something in common with a meme from the TV series “The Office.”

Memes compared Ryan Gosling to Homelander from The Boys.

This is what a person looks like who worked carelessly, but still became employee of the month unexpectedly.

It seems that another meme with Ryan Gosling has appeared on the Internet - the template just needs to stand the test of time.

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