In youth and today: famous actors and actresses from Canada (17 photos)

22 January 2023

Many viewers have the belief that all these actors and actresses - Americans, because they have long become Hollywood stars. But in in fact, they were born and raised in a neighboring country - Canada. We offer a look at famous actors of Canadian origin in youth and how they have changed over the years of their careers.

Jim Carrey (61 years old)

Actor in the film "Chur, mine!" (1984) and at the premiere of Sonic 2 Movies in April 2022.

Brendan Fraser (54 years old)

Brendan Fraser in The Frozen Californian (1992) and on the 2023 Critics' Choice Awards in January. By the way, he got Award as the best actor for the film "The Whale". We hope that this year will also take an Oscar for this role.

Rachel McAdams (44)

Actress in the film "My name is Tanino" (2002) and at the premiere of the film Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness in May 2022.

Ryan Gosling (42)

Actor in Remembering the Titans (2000) and at the premiere of The Gray Man in July 2022.

Ryan Reynolds (age 46)

Actor in Ordinary Magic (1993) and at the People's Choice Awards in December 2022.

Evangeline Lilly (43)

Actress in the first season of Lost (2004) and on Jhpiego Awards Ceremony in December 2022.

Michael J Fox (61)

Actor in the film "Midnight Madness" (1980) and at the ceremony Governors Awards in November 2022, where he received an honorary Oscar - Gene Hersholt Award for Humanistic Achievement and Contribution to fight against Parkinson's disease.

Seth Rogen (40 years old)

Actor on the set of the series "Hooligans and Nerds" (1999) and at the Critics Choice Awards in January 2023.

Pamela Anderson (55 years old)

Actress in the series "Big Repair" (1991-1997) and on a walk in April 2022.

Mike Myers (age 59)

Actor in the series "The Little Tramp" (1979) and at the premiere documentary "If These Walls Could Sing" in December 2022 of the year.

Anna Paquin (40 years old)

Actress in The Piano (1993), for which she received an Oscar at the age of 11, and at the premiere of A Little Light in October 2022 of the year.

Keanu Reeves (58 years old)

Actor in the TV series Heat of the Night (1985) and on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live in October 2022.

Carrie-Anne Moss (age 55)

Actress in the TV series "Dark Justice" (1991-1993) and at the premiere of "The Matrix: Resurrection" in December 2021.

Michael Cera (34 years old)

Actor in "Changing Gates" (1999) and behind the scenes of the TV game Celebrity Jeopardy! in January 2023.

Finn Wolfhard (age 20)

Actor in the series "Supernatural" (2015) and at the premiere of the film "When you're done saving the world" in January 2023.

Hayden Christensen (41)

Actor in the TV series Family Passions (1993) and at the Tokyo Comic Con event in November 2022.

Cobie Smulders (40 years old)

Actress in the TV series Veritas: In Search of Truthny" (2003) and on Amazon Freevee High School House Party in October 2022 of the year.

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