16 proofs that the world will never cease to amaze us (17 photos)

25 February 2024

Many people think that in the midst of the twenty-first century there is hardly anything that they have not seen, at least in a photograph. But that's not true! The world undoubtedly has many cards up its sleeve with which it is ready to impress us every day. Take a look!

1. Viper eggs

2. Deer bones around the arrowhead

3. Raudasandur Beach (red sand), Iceland. Its pinkish hue changes from gold to red depending on weather conditions

4. The whole house is moving to another location.

5. The ants ate the candy

6. Jellyfish looks like a space object

7. The fishing rod was hit by lightning

8. Pink Himalayan salt bricks

9. Caterpillar camouflage

10. Large blue-ringed octopus, one of the most poisonous in the world

11. Hoya sea pineapples

The inhabitant of the underwater world looks like a tropical fruit. At birth, the creature resembles a tadpole and swims in the sea. Having matured, it “sticks” to underwater stones or rocks and becomes like a plant. In Japan and Korea it is a rare delicacy.

12. Black squirrel with red tail

13. A tree grew between two buildings

14. Thousand-Year Shoes

15. This geode looks like little footprints

16. Well of St. Patrician, Orvieto, Italy

Despite its intimidating appearance, this well was built with good intentions: to provide the city with water in the event of a siege. And he was also placed under the protection of the church. Construction began in 1527.

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