A daring gang of masked robbers is operating in London (5 photos + 1 video)

19 February 2024

A gang of four thieves were caught on CCTV robbing Medina Carpets in Shadwell, East London. It took them just 53 seconds to lift the metal shutters and enter the store under cover of darkness.

Here's the moment of the break-in caught on CCTV

Two of the robbers lifted the heavy metal shutters, and two more (and then a third) squeezed into the room

And all this in less than a minute

In general, three climbed into the store, the fourth remained standing on the sidelines.

The robbers headed straight for the counter

They rummaged through the drawers near the cash register, and one of them used the flashlight on his mobile phone to look around in the dark. He then briefly answered the phone, after which the three continued their search.

They were captured on CCTV inside the store during the break-in at 3.24am on Tuesday 13 February. They are believed to have found and stolen a quantity of cash from a charity collection box. They also took out several expensive carpets.

In the comments to the published video, people are perplexed: “Why leave cash overnight?” and they say: “A very British problem,” “British remake of Ocean’s 11.”

London police are investigating the robbery, but the perpetrators have not yet been found.

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