Alabai: why did the kind giant become a victim of slander and speculation? (8 photos)

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19 February 2024

These dogs are banned in Denmark. And in Turkmenistan they erected a 15-meter golden statue. Some consider them fighting animals and are very afraid of them. They say they eat children for breakfast and belated passers-by for dinner. Others respect, love and appreciate them.

They bring you into the house, scratch behind your ears and kiss your wet nose. It's time to take a closer look at one of the most controversial and scandalous breeds and find out who they really are: killers or protectors?

The main thing is to close your eyes in time.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Turkmen Wolfhound, Alabai - most likely, you have already seen the names of this breed in some news report about bitten people and dogs. And they saw photographs of terrible, huge and grinning dogs, ready to tear to pieces every living thing within a kilometer radius. So let's now clarify whether those terrible killers REALLY were Alabai.

Yes, it’s me barking at five in the morning under your fence. Problems?

The dogs are very easy to confuse with other Asian wolfhounds, such as Tobets, Kangals, Akbashs, Debits and others. Because both they and our heroes grow up to be quite large, strong and powerful - at least 65 centimeters at the withers and 50 kilograms of weight. Adding to the confusion is a common origin. Repeated crossbreeding in the early stages of breed development and the lack of control over breeding until recently have made Asian dogs similar to each other.

A big good boy needs more love and affection!

This is because Alabais were bred not for beauty, but for real dog work - to guard flocks of sheep from wolves. For a long time, the main selection was carried out by life itself: dogs unadapted to the Asian steppes simply died. They were killed by wolves, heat, other dogs, or the shepherds themselves for “casualism” - when a dog, instead of protecting the herd, attacks it.

If the lion is the king of the savannas, then the alabai is the king of the steppes.

In such conditions, the family was continued not only by the strongest, strongest and most resilient, but also by the smartest. Alabais have learned to use energy wisely, respect people, and show strength only where necessary. Despite its long history, the breed standard in Turkmenistan was approved only in 1990. And since then, all the bumps have rained down on the watchdogs.

Who did you call aggressive? Me?! Come on, come closer, I’ll show you how affectionate I am!

Wolfhound-type dogs are widespread throughout Central Asia and Russia. There are many of them in purebred form, but there are even more of all kinds of crossbreeds - both with each other and with other breeds. The average person is unlikely to find any differences, and the name “alabai” has been entrenched in the mass consciousness ever since these dogs were massively imported into our country for security and guard duty. Barbos were in great demand, there were many of them, and breeding became less well monitored. That’s what has happened since then: if someone is bitten by a big dog, it will definitely be an Alabai! And it doesn’t matter that it’s just a big mongrel, news needs to be made.

A collar with spikes is not worn on dogs for beauty. This way the throat of shepherd dogs is protected from wolf bites.

With all these prejudices, the fame of cruel murderers attached itself to Central Asians. But in fact, these are calm and adequate dogs. A real wolfhound does not snap his teeth left and right just to intimidate. He understands his strength perfectly and uses it only at a critical moment. For example, when the owner is in danger or someone tries to get into his territory. Then the watchdog from a sleeping bumpkin will instantly turn into an angry fury and attack the enemy like a wall!

Don't be afraid, he'll just sniff! Your insides...

Of course, such dogs live much better in the yard of a private house. But I also know those who keep wolfhounds in their apartments. And you know, quite successfully! They don't make a fuss, don't take up too much space, and just sleep all day like big cats. And by their nature, Alabai are somewhat reminiscent of cats - they have the same mind. Waywardness towardscorrected by good training and the ability to position yourself as an owner whom the dog will respect. And respect means obeying and protecting even at the cost of your life.

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21 February 2024
Ага. Значить, собака то дуже добра та спокійна. Але якщо їй здасться, що ви загрожуєте хазяїну, зайшли на її територію, або неадекватний хазяїн накаже - все, вам лапті. А так, дарма на породу намовляють. Жодної загрози вона не несе. Я все правильно зрозумів?
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