The most terrible and funny culinary failures (13 photos)

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12 February 2024

Some people are better off not going near the stove at all. They can create a real hurricane in the kitchen without much effort, and even an attempt to heat up soup will end with the whole house blowing up! What can we say about more serious culinary tasks like cooking pasta or baking...

A collection of these funny kitchen disasters will make you lose your appetite for a long time.

Spinach pie in the shape of a baby in a diaper. Looks creepy

Someone was left without pasta - the pan exploded during cooking

An attempt to bake a Minion cake for a child's birthday failed. Yes, our expectations often differ from reality.

What happened to Aunt Valya? Her glasses are missing!

Someone caused a serious accident in the kitchen while trying to prepare a family dinner.

Another passionate cook left his kitchen looking like a crime scene.

Someone tried really hard to get creative, but bacon pants ruined everything

It's just a chocolate bunny that they're trying to make hot chocolate out of. And he's looking right at you

It’s not clear what this man was trying to cook, but if not lava, then he apparently overcooked something

And this cook actually overdid it and almost burned the house down

These are chocolate covered bananas, not what you think

Cookie cutters will not help if the dough is not prepared according to the recipe

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