In Belgium, a family adopted a wild boar and it became their faithful pet (3 photos)

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8 February 2024

The boar is a formidable animal, and not just a cute pig. Yes, if you don’t touch their piglets and don’t do anything aggressive towards them, then they won’t touch a person. But, if you've already run into... you won't be able to escape. The weight of an adult boar can reach 150-200 kg, and this “tank” has no problem reaching speeds of up to 40 km/h. And their fangs are not for beauty, you understand. However, one family from Belgium decided to take a risk and they adopted a wild boar.

The couple was just walking in the forest and suddenly they discovered a little pig. He was all alone. They watched him, but mother never showed up. As a result, the couple could not pass by and took the tiny pig with them. As a result, in just a year the boar grew and gained as much as 80 kg! However, thanks to his upbringing, the forest giant began to behave like a real dog.

The boar loves its owners very much, follows commands and does not play pranks. The only thing that is beyond his strength is treats. The boar will not lag behind if you don’t treat him with something tasty. The boar also loves to sleep next to its owners. How do you like this pet?

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