Bees sleep in flowers when they are tired. Is this true or a myth? (4 photos)

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22 January 2024

Did you think bees sleeping peacefully in flowers only exist in cartoons? It turns out not. And this is hardly surprising. Hand on heart, who among us sometimes didn’t want to play pokemon at a lecture or at work? Another thing is that even physically there is not always such a possibility. But some types of bees find it!

We plunged into work with our heads.

The bees sleep, as any worker should. Moreover, older people sleep longer: it takes from half an hour to an hour and a half to sleep. Youth is also the youth of bees, they are more alert and sleep less, but they still need a well-deserved night’s rest. Insects sleep in hives. And they do it in turns.

Woke up, smiled, you can fly to work!

But it happens that a busy bee turns out to be too far from her native hive in the evening. It’s not surprising: the workloads fly up to several kilometers in a day! So what should we do then? Looking for your way home in the dark? Not the best solution for those who use the angle of incidence of the sun's rays as one of the main reference points.

Sorry, this hotel is already full.

And the bee does what it’s supposed to do on a business trip: it spends the night in a hotel. It settles down to sleep in the nearest suitable flower. In addition, many flowers close at night, and the temperature in such a shelter will be higher than outside. And cozy, and warm, and safe.

Photographer Joe Neely from Arizona was lucky enough to catch two bees curled up in a spheralcea flower and dozing peacefully. This photo became one of his favorite works.

Sometimes a flower serves as a shelter for a bee even during the day if it suddenly starts to rain, and it’s still a long way to get to the hive. And it happens that tired bees simply take a short siesta, no more than half a minute. For centuries, nature has not provided these hard workers, but even with open eyes, a sleeping bee still looks cartoonish and cute. And it even evokes respect: she’s worked hard, she’s worn out!

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