“Predictions in cinema”: how directors and screenwriters imagined 2024 (8 photos)

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19 January 2024

Well, here comes 2024. And nothing super fantastic seemed to happen. But in many films the coming year was presented completely differently. Let's take a look at how directors and screenwriters imagined 2024 and what predictions they showed.

Beyond the Time Barrier (1960)

A US Air Force military pilot takes a test flight on a modern ultra-high-speed X80 aircraft and accidentally ends up in the future, namely in 2024. There he discovers that the Earth has suffered the harsh consequences of nuclear tests that damaged the stratosphere, after which some radiation penetrated the planet directly from space, turning people into green mutants.

A Guy and His Dog (1974)

Another post-apocalyptic film, but this time quite fun. In 2024, the United States is experiencing the consequences of the Fourth World War. The main characters: a young man Vic and his talking dog Blood, with whom the guy has a telepathic connection. Their whole life consists of searching for food in a world where mutants, military robots and bloodthirsty riders exist.

One of the interesting features of the film is the dog, who not only talks, but also, with the help of his abilities (obtained as a result of genetic experiments), finds women for the main character. And in the plot there appears an underground city, life in which was preserved at the level of the 1950s.

Highlander 2: Revived (1990)

The less-than-successful Highlander sequel, however, has an interesting vision of 2024: the ozone layer has been destroyed and humanity (led by the main character, Connor MacLeod) has created a shield to protect the Earth from solar radiation. Of course, a criminal corporation seizes control of the shield.

The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

A virtual reality film that came out the same year as The Matrix. Let's sympathize.

The fact that the events of the main part of the plot take place in 2024 is a spoiler, since until the very end we are shown Los Angeles in 1999, in which a virtual reality model was created with which the heroes move to 1937. In addition to the sci-fi elements, there is an intriguing detective part, and in general, “The Thirteenth Floor” is perhaps the only film on this list that is worthy of watching.

Narcopolis (2015)

According to the plot of the film, in 2024, almost all types of drugs will be legalized in the UK, which is why pharmaceutical companies will begin wild experiments in order to create more potent substances in the name of their own profit. And yet this world has its own DEA and a principled cop who begins an investigation after a body is discovered at the headquarters of one of these powerful drug corporations.

The film is replete with advanced technologies, which still do not save it from terrifying audience ratings of around 4 points out of 10.

Inran: Wolf Brigade (South Korea, 2018)

According to the plot, due to tensions in the Asian region in 2024, the two Koreas decide to begin unification (already some kind of sci-fi), which leads to a surge in civil unrest, crime and terrorism. In this regard, the anti-government association “Sect” and an anti-terrorist organization in futuristic armor appear in the new state. Further events of the film unfold in 2029.

The Last Days of American Crime (2020)

In 2024, the United States is experiencing severe social unrest due to the government's imminent implementation of a system that will make it impossible to commit crimes. It is based on sending impulses directly into the heads of people who, after this influence, will not have the desire to follow the criminal path.

Against the backdrop of this extremely entertaining concept, we are shown a rather ordinary story in which the main character goes on his last job (literally, because the system is about to be introduced), wanting to rob a bank, but chooses the wrong accomplices.

Bird in a cage. Contagion (2020)

The film is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the plot, by 2024, the epidemic will develop into an even more dangerous COVID-23, due to which the United States will turn into a totalitarian state, where everyone who gets sick is sent to gloomy concentration camps.

Despite the dubious premise, the film stars Demi Moore, Peter Stormare, Craig Robinson and Alexandra Daddario. The plot centers on a young man with immunity who discovers that his lover has become infected. And the military had already left for her.

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