These pets are often mistaken for bears (6 photos + 1 video)

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7 January 2024

A resident of Sweden has two unusual pets - giant Newfoundlands. These boys weigh 70 and 75 kilograms, and they are constantly approached on the street, asking if they are bears.

44-year-old Sanela Bekovic lives in the Swedish town of Laholm with her huge pets, Newfoundlands Leo and Teddy. The furry beauties weigh 70 and 75 kilograms. She and her husband bought six-year-old Teddy from a breeder at 10 weeks old and four-year-old Leo at eight weeks old. Their cost was 1,300 euros and 1,800 euros. In the city, these two have become real celebrities - many recognize them.

While walking, passers-by often approach them. According to the owner, despite their size, her pets are gentle giants.

"We live in a small town, and everyone here knows them, but we still often get stopped on our walks to talk and pet the dogs. They are, of course, gentle giants, but they still often scare passers-by. Many people ask if they are bears, " - says the hostess.

According to the woman, she initially chose dogs of this breed because of their resemblance to bears. She was once terribly afraid of dogs, but when she saw Newfoundlands, she decided that it would be a joy to take care of such big and kind fluffies.

"It's hard to explain, but this is the kind of dog I wanted, and Newfoundlands are affectionate, sweet and have a lot of fur - so they are perfect for me. I adore them and spend a lot more money on them than people usually spend on dogs," she says. woman.

Sanela and her husband pamper their pets: for example, for their sake they bought a new car so that the dogs could fit in the trunk, and they bought a house with a separate bedroom for them. They feed their pets the best food, organize parties for them and dote on them.

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