Ferrari Testarossa turned into a three-seat electric speedster (8 photos)

21 December 2023

Atelier Gas Monkey Garage talked about the unusual project they implemented to convert the Ferrari Testarossa sports car. The body, interior and power plant were deeply modified, replacing the standard 12-cylinder engine with an electric motor. The resulting speedster was called Testa.

Ferrari has never produced an open version of the Testarossa. However, the tuners completely removed the roof of the sports car, replacing it with a stiffening beam behind the seats. Instead of a windshield, a compact fairing is used.

Testa received luminous inserts in the front bumper, at the rear and in the side air intakes. The front head optics have also been redesigned. The interior uses a three-seat layout similar to the McLaren F1, with the driver sitting in the center. The stock steering wheel is retained, but the instrument panel is replaced with a digital display.

Gas Monkey Garage did not specify the new specifications of the sports car. The Testarossa was standardly equipped with a 4.9-liter engine developing up to 390 hp.

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