Scientists propose to reconsider the status of potatoes as a vegetable (3 photos)

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19 December 2023

American scientists thought for a long time and decided that potatoes are not entirely healthy for humans and, in general, all the time they were mistakenly considered a vegetable.

In short, they suggest that potatoes should not be considered a vegetable, since their use in the diet can contribute to weight gain. Now potatoes are proposed to be considered as cereals.

Scientists have expressed their intention to include potatoes in the category of cereals, along with rice, wheat and oats. They claim that diets rich in potatoes lead to overweight and obesity in more than 66% of Americans.

Therefore, it was decided to change the status of potatoes as a vegetable in order to reduce obesity levels. Indeed, why eat less when you can call potatoes cereal and obesity will immediately disappear. With the same success, potatoes can be equated to fruit.

The Advisory Committee on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans has declared that potatoes are "not as healthy" as other vegetables. Recent research has also shown that most of the substances are contained in the peel, which is often removed.

Well, a little history: the earliest confirmed remains of potatoes found in Peru date back to 2500 BC, although some scientists suggest that potato cultivation may have begun many thousands of years earlier. And, of course, from a botanical point of view, potatoes are a vegetable.

And by the way, Americans are not the first who decided not to consider potatoes healthy. In the UK, according to the National Health Service, potatoes are also not considered a healthy food because they contain a lot of starch.

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20 December 2023
Ну все придется переснять "Марсианин" :)
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