28 extremely unpleasant situations (29 photos)

14 December 2023

And how can one not fall into despair?

1. “I went grocery shopping. I don’t even know what happened.”

2. “I’m probably allergic to eyelash dye.”

3. “Last week I broke my back and lay there for three days. I used a percussion massager and ended up dislodging a kidney stone, it came out but caused a urinary tract infection.”

4. "That was the last bottle"

5. The dough has risen well

6. “The other day I had a flat tire and this was inside.”

7. “The ATM blew my Christmas shopping budget.”

8. "No more skinny dipping..."

9. "I told my fiancée that I wanted to buy a GameCube. Today she surprised me with this gift."

10. “The crazy neighbor decided to throw bricks at my car.”

11. “I opened the closet to take out the Christmas decorations and discovered that it was covered in mold.”

12. "She said no"

13. “Forgot the eggs were on the stove.”

14. "Cricket Stadium Leg Room"

15. “I got into the car, closed the door and heard a crash.”

16. "I work at a nursing home. This is the Thanksgiving parking lot."

17. “I just opened a can of protein and this is how much there is.”

18. "We are unable to return your card. Unfortunately, there has been a machine malfunction. Please contact your bank to request a replacement card."

19. “Texting with the roommate who woke me up at 4 am.”

- too loud

- What's too loud? my phone or me screaming about the horrors of this world?

- these screams

- What was the point of writing to me? I stopped by the time you sent this message

20. “I organized a Halloween party, but no one came.”

"Found this note on my door, but we don't even have a dog."

21. “I prepared a holiday dinner for the family, but no one even touched it.”

22. “A neighbor sprayed a persistent herbicide on my property, killing trees and shrubs.”

23. “I received these notes on November 1st”

"Halloween is over. Remove all the decorations, including the three witch mannequins from the stupid movie Hocus Pocus. For the last two months, your decorations have been pissing off all the neighbors. "Fun"It's over. Halloween is over. It's time to put all these horrors away"

"Halloween is over. It's time to clean up the scary decorations, including the 10-foot demon on the right side of your property. That trash is scaring the neighbors. And with the lights on, it's even scarier. Put away your decorations. Like it or not, Halloween is over!"

24. "I ordered the 'world famous' cucumber salad."

25. "My new chair at work"

26. “My girlfriend put my laptop in the freezer because it was overheating.”

27. “My neighbor sits in his Hummer all night with his high beams on and pointed straight at my house.”

28. "Pocket size in women's and men's jeans"

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