1600 lifeless eyes: creepy Japanese park (7 photos)

12 December 2023

Everything here has long been overgrown with grass, the grass has swallowed up everything except the stone statues, whose views seem to become more soulful over the years.

All the horror is in their looks.

How did this creepy place appear?

Nothing unusual, just auntie smiling at you, looking piercingly

This is a park in Toyama, in the village of Foresai Sekibutsu no Sato. The name is telling, translated as “a village where you can find Buddhist statues.” And they didn’t lie.

In 1989, local philanthropist-manager Mutsuo Furukawa decided to build a park here. He ordered 800 statues from one sculptor for $53 million.

Look at the smiling man in the back row, it gives you goosebumps.

That’s why all the statues were made in the same artistic style, and the artist’s views were especially chilling.

The chilling charm of the park

Since there were a lot of statues needed, it was difficult for the artist to invent something new, so he took as examples ordinary people who agreed to pose for him.

There are also Buddha statues here. But compared to other statues, they also look unfriendly

This is how a garden of stone ordinary people appeared - they just sit on a chair in front of the artist, smiling strangely. Women in office clothes, men in suits, housewife aunties.

Many of these people are locals and just took up posing as a part-time job. But now, when many had already died, they still remained to live here in stone form. It's like a scene from a strange Japanese manga.

Footage from Japanese YouTube, where they discuss how everyone is afraid to go there

Some statues, however, are fantastic, until the sculptor runs out of imagination. It’s all the more creepy that, among hundreds of normal people, a statue with the head of a rooster suddenly flashes by.

There are practically no visitors to this park, only those who like to travel through all sorts of abandoned places. The Japanese are genuinely frightened by such a place; they think that you can also turn into a statue if you are left alone with them.

Look how much of the statue is hidden in the grass. Thousands of them! And some are hiding

And any movement in the grass makes your heart stop; what if it’s the statues moving behind your back while you’re not looking?

Even photographers often flee from there within half an hour after the photo shoot.

Oh those thoughtful looks

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