25 pictures of perfect dishes that whet your appetite (26 photos)

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12 December 2023

Enjoying food is more than just a taste sensation. First you always look at what you are going to eat. And if what you see causes delight, this is the first step to a gastronomic orgasm.

1. Koi pond mousse cake. All decor is edible

2. Pumpkin bread in the shape of a pumpkin

3. Cake and set of cupcakes “Peacock”

4. Christmas apple pie (before baking)

5. The Perfect Cranberry Tart

6. White chocolate and cranberry tart

7. Striped cake. Pineapple cake with elderflower cream

8. Croissants

9. Homemade ravioli with flower petals and dill

10. Christmas Pie

11. Apple pie according to the recipe of Cedric Grolet

12. Snack board

13. Beef Wellington

14. Not a roll, but a work of art

15. Homemade Sugar Cookies with Icing

16. Strawberry Vanilla Pancake Cake

17. Baguette

18. Snack board

19. Macarons filled with homemade chocolate ganache

20. Japanese soft serve ice cream

21. Curd tart with cranberries and gingerbread cake

22. Homemade Mint Macarons

23. Focaccia

24. Ratatouille

25. Amazing presentation of a curry dish

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