Apple and Tesla engineers presented a 7-meter electric camper (6 photos + 1 video)

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27 October 2023

Former employees of Apple, Cruise, Tesla and Volvo teamed up to create a futuristic camper trailer called Pebble Flow. It can independently attach itself to the tractor and even will help with maneuvering.

The debut of the new product will take place next month at the motor show in Los Angeles. It's supposed to be "the most technically advanced trailer yet" for travel in the market." The trailer has an aerodynamic design with clean lines and a spacious interior. Large windows provide visibility around by 270 degrees, and the glazing area is visually expanded with black accents.

The trailer also has an InstaCamp feature. As explained in company, with the press of a button the awning unfolds, the ladder comes out, lights and stabilizers with automatic leveling are turned on. All it takes no more than a minute.

The trailer length is 7.6 meters, which is approximately the same Airstream Trade Wind motorhome. This is quite a lot, and for him A vehicle with a towing capacity of more than 2800 kg is required.

The trailer has a four-seater dinette and climate control. There is also a stylish kitchen with an induction hob, convection microwave and full-size refrigerator. And two more double beds that can accommodate up to four people.

Flow is powered by a 45 kWh battery that promises Owners have autonomy for up to seven days. This is facilitated by solar panel with a power of 1 kW. The trailer has the ability to charge AC and direct current, as well as a regenerative charging function that allows trailer to produce electricity while it is being towed.

Interestingly, Flow has a Magic Hitch feature. When she activated, the trailer is automatically connected to the tractor. Trailer can be controlled remotely to make parking and maneuvering easier bottlenecks.

Pebble Flow is available for pre-order, and It is planned that deliveries of the model will begin before the end of 2024. Should Note that the trailer's base price is $109,000.

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