Not only “The Magnificent Century”: a selection of cool Turkish TV series (13 photos)

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10 December 2023

It seems that all the series are made only by Netflix and HBO, and the rest simply do not stand a chance against these giants. Yes, they have really amazing projects, but sometimes you want some variety. After all, they can make TV series not only there, but also in other countries. For example, in Turkey. Someone will immediately shout that they only have the sensational “Magnificent Century”. But in reality, the Turks have produced many very good series that can easily compete with the ubiquitous Netflix. So, if you want to diversify your serial diet, then you are welcome to the selection.

Club (2021-2022)

Istanbul in the 1950s was exciting, but not without difficulties and tragedies.

Gift (2019–2021)

For those who watched “The Magnificent Century”, some of the actors will be familiar. But the genre and plot of the series are very different. “The Gift” is about a young artist who must uncover mysteries about herself and the world.

Forbidden Fruit (2018–2023)

What happens to a woman who is betrayed? She becomes even stronger and more successful.

Personality (2018)

The complicated story of the investigation into a serial killer, which is complicated by the fact that he has Alzheimer's. The detective drama is popular at home and abroad and has received high ratings across all platforms.

Çukur (2016–2021)

A crime drama in which love and honor are tested to the limit.

Kingfisher (2022–…)

Respected businessman Halis Agha takes charge of the fate of the flighty womanizer Ferit, instructing him to marry a serious girl.

Completely different (2023-…)

Another name for the recently released series is “Another Love,” in which the popular Turkish actress Hande Erçel plays. The plot tells the story of the relationship between a young prosecutor and a journalist, which unfolds around a difficult criminal case.

Justice (2021)

The series, which received the prestigious Turkish Golden Butterfly award in several categories. According to the plot, a high-profile crime brings together two different people who have to learn a lot about each other, and, perhaps, this will bring them closer.

Ataturk 1881-1919 (2023-…)

The series is dedicated to the military leader and founder of the Turkish Republic, in which the main role is played by the well-known Aras İynemli (he is also in the series “Çukur” above).

Gibi (2021-…)

A comedy series about two friends who constantly get into some kind of trouble.

Founded: Osman (2019–…)

If you are a true lover of Turkey, you cannot miss the series starring Burak Ozcivit. The plot tells about the founding of the Ottoman state, about the 2nd century AD with its romance and cruelty.

Layla and Majnun (2011–2023)

A multi-genre series based on the Arabian romantic story of Layla and Majnun, which ended this year.

Prince (2023–…)

A prince ascends to the throne of a state of no interest to anyone, to whom the family did not even bother to give a name. A comedy series about a ruler whom no one takes seriously.

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