The 13 best series on Netflix that have become the most watched of all time (14 photos)

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20 November 2023

Netflix is known for its ability to create high-profile series, not all of which turn out to be successful. But still, one cannot help but admit that the company knows its business: some of its works become incredibly popular and even receive prestigious awards, just like foreign-made projects released on the Netflix platform.

And we can judge the popularity of certain projects not only by personal opinion, but also by viewing statistics compiled by the company.

We invite you to see which TV series are among the top most watched worldwide.

13th place. The Witcher, season 1 (2019)

Views: 83 million

12th place. Bridgerton Season 2 (2022)

Views: 93.8 million

11th place. Stranger Things Season 3 (2019)

Views: 94.8 million

The series has received more than one Saturn Award and Actors Guild Award, being one of the best series of our time.

10th place. Night Agent, Season 1 (2023)

Views: 98.2 million

9th place. Paper Heist Season 5 (2021)

Views: 99.2 million

8th place. Lupine Season 1 (2021)

Views: 99.5 million

Omar Sy, known for his role in the film “1+1” (2011), plays the “gentleman robber” Arsene Lupin.

7th place. Paper Heist, Season 4 (2020)

Views: 106 million

6th place. Queen's Move (mini-series, 2020)

Views: 112.8 million

The series received two Golden Globe awards: for Best Mini-Series and for Best Actress (Anya Taylor-Joy). As well as an Emmy Award for Best Series and Directing.

5th place. Bridgertons, season 1 (2020)

Views: 113.3 million

By the way, MTV actor Regé-Jean Page was awarded the “Rush of the Year” award.

4th place. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (miniseries, 2022)

Views: 115.6 million

Evan Peters (Jeffrey Dahmer) won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Miniseries.

3rd place. Stranger Things Season 4 (2022)

Views: 140.7 million

2nd place. Wednesday, season 1 (2022)

Views: 252.1 million

1 place. The Squid Game Season 1 (2021)

Views: 265.2 million

Actor Oh Young-soo (Oh Il Nam) received the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series.

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